Your Studio experience-
If this is your first shoot, the most important thing to keep in mind is relax and enjoy the experience!  It’s completely normal to feel a bit nervous so we’ve outlined some helpful tips to make your photo shoot go as smooth as possible.

How do I reserve my session?
Once you have decided on a photo session, the next thing to do is to look at your calendar and see when you will have time available. We know everyone has a full schedule during the week and weekend time slots are usually the first to be reserved. For this reason, we offer late afternoon and evening shoots during the week to help accommodate everyone. You can either call or email me with your available date choices and I will let you know what I have for those dates. Please select a few alternate days and times just in case your first choice is taken.
Because session slots fill up fast and we do realize that last minute unforeseeable issue do arise, please let us know as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your time or need to cancel your appointment.  To reserve your slot, email with your dates and times and please leave a number and time for me to reach you at.

What should I bring?

It is a good idea to start to plan days in advance for your shoot. For your Studio or Outdoor session, select some outfits that you love to wear. If you like several outfits or just have a few favorites, bring them all. We can help you choose the outfits which best fits your looks and style of shoot you want to achieve. 

..Girls- You can wear just about anything and we will make sure you will look your best. Bring outfits that tell everyone “Who you are”. A variety of color and styles will allow you to choose from several different unique images. Bring some glamour outfits, even your prom dress. Bring some casual outfits, even jeans and simple colorful tops. If you are a dancer, cheerleader, athletic sports person, bring your outfit.
* Remember to bring all the accessories that go along with each outfit; shoes, jewelry, necklaces, nylons, hats, etc.

..Guys- You should bring a variety of tops – t-shirts, polos, button-ups and jerseys. For pants – jeans, khakis and shorts. If you would like a dressy shot, bring a dress shirt and tie, jacket if you so choose. Make sure you bring different colors and styles. Most importantly, bring clothes that you like to wear. Guys will have things that represent their interest. Bring your car (make sure it’s washed and clean), a musical instrument or your team outfit for any athletic shots. Remember to bring several different pairs of shoes to go with each style.

Make-up / Hair-
If you are comfortable doing your own make-up, remember to bring some neutral colors along with any other colors you would normally wear.  Bring a hair dryer, clips, mouse, gels, etc. You will have a private room complete with a closet, master bathroom and vanity.

Who should I bring?
You are encouraged to bring a parent along to the shoot. If you would like to have a friend jump in on a few shots, there is no additional cost. Just remember to have them bring a style that will compliment the look you are trying to achieve.  

What should I expect?
When you arrive at the Studio, I will walk you through the different rooms and areas that you will be using to capture your memories. As we walk through the areas, I will be pointing out all the props I have available for you to use in your shoot if you so desire. I have three stationary backdrops – a white, a black and a green chroma-key screen which allows me to place you in over 1200 scenes that I have available to you. (email me if you need more info on the chroma-key screen)

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For more information on reserving or general questions,
please call 941-296-1200 or email
Hours: 8am till 10pm - 7 days a week